Sunday, January 11, 2009

Karen Severance takes care of her Customers!

Karen Severance has worked for Jim McNatt since 2005. She lives in the neighborhood behind the dealership. She has a degree in recreational therapy. Karen is a mother hen! And I mean that in the best possible way. She takes care of her chicks (customers) as no one else can. In just three short years Karen has developed an extensive client list that keeps her busy. Approximately 80% of her business is repeat or referral.

Anyone that works in other departments at the dealership needing a car comes straight to her because they know that she will do what is best for them. What’s most impressive to me is that when Jim or Al McNatt has a friend in need of a new car they call Karen first. It was great to watch this transformation grow. At first Jim would call my cell and let me know he had a personal friend coming and describe their personality to me so we could pick the best person to help them. Once he started getting feedback from his friends on Karen, he started calling her first! Then he would call my cell or send an email to let me know that they were going to ask for her. Now that is confidence from the boss!

Once we had a lady drove in from Nocona on Al’s recommendation and she asked for Karen. She was busy assisting another customer so another salesperson helped her. (All of our salespeople are great by the way.) Things were going great. The customer picked out a new Sequoia and then called her dad back in Nocona to let him know. Everything went fine until he asked if Karen was helping her. She replied that she had someone else because Karen was with another customer. Dad’s response was, "Come back home, we will do this tomorrow when Karen is available."

Here is a short video of Karen in action so that you can see what we are talking about.
Thank you for watching.

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