Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Toyota Star Safety System is Now Standard Equipment on Every New Toyota SUV , Sienna, Tacoma, Tundra and the all new Venza


The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has stated that Vehicle Stability Control is second to only seat belts in saving lives. Imagine how much safer it is when coupled with Traction Control, Anti-Lock Brakes, Electronic Brake-force Distribution and Brake Assist!

Introducing Toyota’s Star Safety System, a combination of five safety features that
comes standard with every one of Toyota’s six SUVs plus Sienna, Tacoma and Tundra.

Designed for one purpose: to help keep the driver in control of the vehicle at all times.
Because when it comes to the well-being of you and your passengers, Toyota has
raised the standard.

The Star Safety System is now standard equipment on every SUV, Sienna, Tacoma, Tundra and the all new Venza!

Vehicle Stability Control
Even the best drivers can get caught by a bend that tightens unexpectedly – or the need to brake suddenly in mid-corner. Either action can unsettle the balance of the car. That's when VSC steps in to help the driver regain control quickly.

Sensors continuously monitor and cross-reference speed, steering angle, yaw rate and deceleration. The instant the system detects a loss of control, VSC steps in and momentarily dictates the individual braking force sent to each wheel. It also moderates the throttle until the tendency of the front to run wide (understeer), or the rear to break away (oversteer), is corrected.

It's the kind of technology we hope you'll never need. But if you do, you'll be glad it's there.

Traction Control
The Traction Control System makes driving in slippery conditions easier and safer. Sensors continuously monitor the rotational speed of each individual wheel. As soon as they detect that one or more wheels are starting to slip, the system instantaneously calculates the best way to restore traction. The engine's computer control unit then adjusts the throttle accordingly and the Brake Actuator directs the braking force to the most appropriate wheel (or wheels) until traction returns.

Anti-lock Braking System
Toyota’s Star Safety SystemTM for SUVs incorporates Anti-lock Brake System
technology, also known as ABS. Anti-lock Brake System helps ensure that you’re able
to continue steering during emergency braking situations.

Electronic Brake-force Distribution
EBD optimises the performance of the car's ABS anti-lock braking system. ABS prevents an individual wheel from locking by cutting brake pressure as soon as a skid is detected. EBD takes this approach into another dimension. It can, for instance, adjust the braking force between the front and rear wheels to suit the car's load and road conditions, or brake the wheels on one side slightly harder than the other to maintain stability during a corner.

Speed sensors on all four wheels detect when one or more wheels are about to lock up. The system instantly calculates which wheels need to be braked and which need to be released. This information is relayed to the Brake Actuator which then distributes the brakeforce to each wheel accordingly. Result: stable, safer braking, whether you're travelling in a straight line or round a corner.

Brake Assist
Even the most experienced drivers sometimes fail to apply enough pressure to the brake pedal in an emergency. That's where Brake Assist comes in. During an emergency, your foot comes off the throttle and on to the brake pedal faster than normal, which you then depress with more urgency than usual. This is registered by on-board sensors.

Next, a brake pedal load-sensing switch and speed sensor determine if you have braked hard enough. If not, the system instantly determines how much extra braking force is required. Then the brake actuator distributes the extra braking force to all four wheels to help you achieve smooth, safe, maximum braking.

It all happens in a split second and is so unobtrusive that you'll probably never know that Brake Assist has been at work.

All of the Star Safety Systems discussed — Electronic Brake-force Distribution, Anti-lock Brake System, Brake Assist, Vehicle Stability Control and Traction Control — are designed to help the driver maintain vehicle control under adverse conditions. When Anti-lock Brake System is activated, the driver should not release the brake while it is pulsating. Factors including speed, road conditions and driver steering input can all affect whether Vehicle Stability Control will be effective in preventing a loss of control. Please see your Owner's Manual for further details.


  1. I liked the video so much. You get to see how the above safety equipments work. I wish I had this in my own truck.

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